New interviews from Dave Lawrence including Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath!

November 14, 2011

It’s Capt. Good N Plenty and hold onto your seats, boys and girls!!! DL is unloading some serious new interviews!!!

Godsmack, Yardbirds, Les McCann, Delfeayo Marsalis, Terence Blanchard, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Earth Wind & Fire, Taj Mahal, all this fall so far. Now he has Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi!

Hear it all in the 2011 Interview Player – find the link on the right!


Hear new interviews from Dave Lawrence with Paramore, Korn, Jeff Tweedy, Incubus, comedian Craig Shoemaker, Spin Doctors and more

September 5, 2011

Lt. North Shore Grooves enjoying a labor-free Labor Day and letting everyone know we send our respect and ‘get home soon’ messages to all our men and women in the sandbox. Let’s wrap it up with honor and return safely.

On the DL tip, new interviews are coming down like coconuts from da trees brah!!!! Get it with these goods now like it was a looting in progress LOL Seriously, Dave Lawrence has new ones to hear and even watch with all kinds of folks. Here are some pics in the mix at the Dave Lawrence photo blog:

Hear this one in our 2011 interview machine which is yours to check out on the side on the right:

Then there is the Jeff Tweedy interview to hear:

How about Incubus!!! Very cool:

Then there is Korn!! Drummer to drummer dialogue is so cool on this:

Korn’s Fieldy in the House at the Blaisdell:

Dave Lawrence interviews the entire band Paramore:

America was back in Honolulu and there is a new interview with them:

The Spin Doctors played on Maui and the Big Island and Dave has a new phone interview with them you can hear in the 2011 interviews:

And there is a new one with comedian Craig Shoemaker, who was the guy years ago who did that Love Master thing:

That is some of what Dave Lawrence has been doing in the last few weeks, and you can hear these interviews and all the new ones he puts out on the right, as they automatically come from his site into that thing. DaveLawrenceOnline.com has them too, so does his HPR page, but the 2011 interviews player here has the entire year archived, for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.


New Dave Lawrence interview with Puddle of Mudd, The Cult, Shawn Colvin, John Oates and more visiting artists

August 3, 2011

Capt. Good N Plenty checking in and saying HOOAH to everyone in the sand pit(s).

Keep your head down and eyes open and be back home in one piece to your families ASAP.

Hey, Dave has new interviews, and listen to them here on the right in the 2011 interviews player we have. As he loads new interviews, then they end up in the player. There have been almost fifty this year, and you can spend hours on that thing listening to whole new interviews. The technology today, is amazing. Only way to describe it.

New in the box, as I like to call it LOL Puddle Of Mudd, The Cult, Shawn Colvin (nice lady to listen to), John Oates of Hall And Oates, guys from Fastball and The Alarm, too. At his site, there is a very cool new interview from Bayfest with Puddle Of Mudd, that is a second new interview. The one in the player is on the phone, the one at Dave Lawrence Online is a video interview. These guys look like they’re in the bag if you ask me, but it ends up being a fun time for all. Impressive interview skills required LOL. That one is the Classic Interview Player feature for August. Not too shabby…

Hear Dave every weekday as the local personality hosting NPR afternoon drive show All Things Considered as it airs in Hawaii. First on from Noon to 2pm on 89.3 KIPO and again at 88.1 during the 4 and 5pm hours… You can hear that second live broadcast here on the player on the right…

Lot of shows coming, and hopefully a lot of great new interviews from DL. We’ll keep you posted.



July 11, 2011

Queensryche have a new one, Dedicated To Chaos, and the greatest metal singer of the 80’s, Geoff Tate, returned to Dave’s show for a new interview! Remember when he was on back in 2007? He is an incredible singer and sounds like the always respectful artist he’s always been. Good one.



July 8, 2011

Get the interview with Dave and Bob Marley’s son Ky-Mani now in the interview player. Click on the link to the right for the player which has all the latest interviews from Dave, automatically updated after they air! Pretty f-ing cool!


There are new DL interviews with Kris Kristofferson, The Stylistics, Matisyahu and other cool bands!

June 23, 2011

Have you heard these new interviews? Check out our page here with the link on the right to the official 2011 Dave Lawrence Interview Player. New in it now is The Stylistics, Matisyahu, local Hawaii rising reggae stars THE GREEN!!! Also Kris Kristofferson and Incubus!

Dave Lawrence interviews The Stylistics in Honolulu, Hawaii June 18, 2011

Dave Lawrence interviews Matisyahu in Honolulu, Hawaii June 11, 2011

Dave Lawrence interviews The Green in Honolulu, Hawaii June 2011

Dave Lawrence interviews Steel Pulse in Honolulu, Hawaii June 2011


DL has new interviews with Sugar Ray Leonard, Steel Pulse, Sevendust, Michael Jackson guitarist Jen Batten & more.

May 29, 2011

Commander Cyclops in the house and bearing a large HOO-AH for all our brave men and women in the thick of it right now representing the islands far and wide, from the hell hole in Afghanistan to the almost-over duty we’re pulling in the sand pit of Iraq. A mighty mahalo from the brethren of the DL ARMY. Stand down and grab a cold one.

DL is loading up the ICBM tubes with the usual high grade material he’s known for. No surprise there. And another no surprise, but of note is the continuing caliber and variety of his guests. Get your ears on a long new interview with Steel Pulse now in the interview machine for 2011 Interviews, and hear that sit down pow wow. Very interesting stuff from one of the all time biggest names in Reggae period.This guy talks about hanging with Bob Marley and rolling numbers, rocking rolling… almost got my Kiss records out… no joke… chicken skin on the Bob stories, quoting Bob… real talkstory with this guy and was impressed how much there was to be learned and again, this is the band… one of the top names of all times in reggae.

Dave has spoken with Incubus, and added a short piece of that interview to hear in the interview machine now. More is coming it says on HPR’s site, and they have a show in August in Hawaii, so that’s the deal with them. Guy sounded very nice and into the islands.

Also on tap: Mama said knock you out! Boom. Tapping folks lights out is his game, as well as these days, fighting diabetes. Find out why Sugar Ray Leonard is also a big champ outside the ring with an interview DL did recently! Sugar Ray sounds like the softest teddy bear kicking it with DL, but after seeing him in the Fighter with Mark Wahlberg, he still looks great. Whatever he is doing, I want some, and hear about some decent areas of life, worth getting pointers from a guy like Sugar Ray. One of the greatest boxers and all around heroes, he gives a lot of himself for others, and still looks and sounds like a champ.

Sevendust rock hard and do a TON of USO gigs. These guys are all about the troops and we say HOO-AH to the Sevendust posse. In fact, the subject is dug into with DL in an interview with the man whose voice you hear belting out the ‘dust, Lajon Witherspoon. Hear an interview with them now. Take your last breath with Sevendust. Great new record. They have to come here now.

Toad the Wet Sprocket were in the area, and Dave spoke with them and did an acoustic show at HPR. Maybe next time you can get him listening to some Dio LOL. JK. Hear the interview from just a couple weeks ago.

Also Johnny Winter, and Michael Jackson guitarist Jen Batten, who also was in Jeff Beck. A very talented woman, and now Dave Lawrence has spoken to two Michael Jackson guitarists, because last year he talked with Orianthi the woman who was last with him (with the long blonde hair, and black leather outfit in his This Is It era…)

Lots of listening, check out the interview machine in the right hand column, and keep it locked on DL every weekday afternoon for your drive home on 88.1 in Honolulu, All Things Considered. By far the best afternoon show in Hawaii, which is not saying much I know, but at least I hear what is happening in the world, and the latest DL interviews and local news.


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